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Leonie Jeffries

Leonie is a Director, Owner and Co-Founder with responsibility in managing all aspects of the business side of the company. Before the creation of Prestige Interior Projects in 2020, Leonie served as an Administrator for the Local Authority, where she brought fresh ideas to increase efficiency within the office and was known for having a ‘never say no’ attitude. Prior to Leonie’s career in Business Administration, she was an A&E nurse with 15 years of experience working in both the UK and Australia. Leonie holds an Advanced Certificate in Office Administration; a L3 Diploma in Business Administration; and has been awarded her Bachelor of Nursing with Distinction (BN) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Director | Owner

Frank Popovic

Frank joined Prestige Interior Projects as an apprentice in August 2021 and is steadily working towards his L2 Certificate in Furniture Manufacture before advancing to a L3 Bespoke Furniture Maker. Frank was initially attracted to learning his trade as an apprentice as he believes there is a good balance between course work and the work environment, where he can practically learn and master the skills he needs to be a highly skilled craftsman, as well as gaining skills in customer relations. Frank enjoys seeing bespoke projects created from design through to installation by using a variety

of tools and technology from hand tools, small and large machinery and computing software.


Bradley Jeffries

Bradley is a Director, Owner and Co-Founder who works closely with each client to provide a highly personal service. He leads all projects from planning and creative perspective all the way through to completion and handover to create individual pieces bespoke to our clients’ requirements and lifestyle. Bradley first discovered he had a passion for creating furniture at 10 years old when, on Saturdays, he would visit building sites with his father. After secondary school, Bradley completed his four year apprenticeship in Perth, Australia. Since then, Bradley has gained 25 years of experience and has worked in Perth and Sydney before relocating to the United Kingdom. He has worked for multiple companies delivering multi-million projects to clients domestically and internationally. During his career, Bradley has progressed from Craftsman, to Workshop Manager, to Project Manager, before creating Prestige Interior Projects in 2020.

Director | Owner

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