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The finishing touches..

The art of personal service is exactly that...personal. All clients like to feel special and that's exactly what we aim to provide here at Prestige Interior Projects. And it's even better for clients when the receive something out of the blue, as was the case here.

Here's Brad (his hand at least) putting the finishing touches to one of the chopping boards that he presented to a recent client as a gift. The chopping board which can also be used as a pan stand is made of the same wood as the kitchen work tops, beautifully accessorising the finish of the kitchen. Once the chopping board has been laser etched with the logo, it is then finished with Danish oil to protect it.

The finishing touches
Customised chopping board being finished with Danish oil.

Of course, wood is a natural product and needs looking after, and this is certainly a consideration when you are deciding on the work tops for your new kitchen. Again, this is something that Brad will be happy to advise on.

Put simply, it's these special touches that make the difference. There's personal service and there's real personal service...and we're sure you'll recognise the difference when you work with us. Contact us today to discuss your requirements!

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