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Precision is everything for bespoke kitchens

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Anyone who has seen Brad at work knows that he's all about exactness and precision. After all, the odd millimetre here and there soon adds up, especially in a large kitchen when you come to put the final cabinet in position! It's this sort of attention to detail that makes Prestige Interior Projects stand out from the crowd. The picture below was taken in the workshop yesterday and shows the electronic verniers indicating a depth of 40.01mm, with Brad aiming for 40mm. That 0.01mm is the equivalent of a human hair!

Precision is everything for bespoke kitchens
Exactness down to the width of a human hair.

Creating the best bespoke kitchens

When it comes to finding the best bespoke kitchen designers, few can compete with the level of perfection achieved by Prestige Interior Projects. We're absolutely dead set against the philosophy of 'get in, do the job, get out' - after all, new kitchen designs are very personal and what works for one, may well not be suitable for another. We will listen to your requirements to gain a thorough understanding of your vision. It's only be doing this that we know we will be able to create the finish you are looking for.

Quality takes time!

Handcrafted bespoke kitchens and fitted furniture takes time. We don't fit cabinets and furniture that can be purchased at your local DIY store. All our pieces are tailor made with love by Brad who, above all, takes pride in what he delivers. If you are looking to buy a bespoke kitchen, then you need look no further. We cover Telford, Shropshire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, the West Midlands and more, so don't hesitate to get in contact with us today and let's turn your dreams into reality!

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