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Create the kitchen of your dreams!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The great thing about buying a bespoke kitchen with Prestige Interior Projects is that pretty much anything and everything is possible. In fact, there's almost TOO much choice! That's why it's always a good idea to have an idea or vision in your mind about how you want your kitchen to look before contacting us. Check out social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, glossy kitchen magazines and even our inspiration page here on our website for ideas.

Create the kitchen of your dreams
The kitchen is the beating heart of many peoples' homes

Of course, first and foremost is the layout of your kitchen. Is this one of the driving forces behind you wanting to change your kitchen? If the current layout is not working for you, have a think as to why not. Is the fridge in the wrong position? Do you want to move up to a range cooker? Do you want a Belfast sink? Certainly the decisions as to what appliances and extras you want in your kitchen will play an important role in the actual cabinet and drawer design and manufacture. Brad can handcraft your cabinets down to fractions of a millimetre and so taking the time to explore all the potential options early on is essential.

At the same time, you'll need to consider the finish you want on your cabinets and drawers. Do you have a particular colour in mind? If so, Prestige Interior Projects can produce your kitchen cabinets in that exact colour!

Finally, when it comes to worktops, this is a whole world in itself! Do you want wood? If so, what type? Or maybe you want granite which is always a show stopper. Again, have a look around online as to what you prefer and let's start the dialogue!

When you come to buy a bespoke kitchen, there's certainly lots of options available. Rest assured that Brad will guide you through all the available options. Ultimately, we want to work together with you to create the bespoke kitchen of your dreams, so contact us today and let's turn your dreams into reality!

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